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EX 1 Yuito Bond Episode is the first special EX Bond Episode in Scarlet Nexus. It can be started after viewing all 5 previous Bond Episodes, reaching Bond Level 6 with Yuito Sumeragi and giving him the Guardian Baki present. This is only available as part of Bond Enhancement Pack 1[1] which launched on the 18th of November, 2021.


Yuito asks Kasane about a keychain she had, half of a limited-edition Baki couple's keychain he got with Naomi. Yuito once asked Naomi out just to get the keychain, and Kasane tagged along to the café they went to. Naomi took the opportunity to advise Kasane to get along better with the others, mentioning t hat people could help her better if only they knew her a little more. Kasane subsequently receives a great deal of help and support from her teammates. Yuito mentions that he'd like to reunite the two halves of the keychain and asks if Kasane still has the half she got from Naomi. However, Kasane doesn't know where it is. Thinking that she might have dropped it when Noami metamorphosed, Kasane and Yuito head for the abandoned subway to search for it. After subduing the Others at their destination, Kasane and Yuito find the keychain. As Yuito goes to give Kasane his half, she suggests that he be the one to have something to remember Naomi by. Yuito agrees. On the way back, Yuito talks about the few memories he has of being with Naomi and expresses regret that he didn't get to know her better. Kasane offers that she has plenty of memories of Naomi to share, and begins to tell Yuito about her sister.


  • During the episode Kasane and Yuito look for the Baki Doll with Ampoule that belonged to Naomi, which is added to the player's inventory.
  • After completing the episode, the player can speak to Yuito to claim some rewards.