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Yuito...! Kasane...! Live on. Knowing you're happy is all I can ask for."
Wakana Sumeragi

Wakana Sumeragi was a character in Scarlet Nexus. She was the wife of Joe Sumeragi as well mother of both Kaito and Yuito Sumeragi. She was also an adoptive mother of Kasane Randall. She was assassinated by her fellow Design Children and obtained her brain to BABE.


A woman born in Togetsu as one of the Design Children. She was raised rich in human emotions for the purpose of actibating the Red Strings. Since she only developed weak psionic abilities, she was given the role of Kasane's foster mother and was nearly killed to get Kasane to activate the Red Strings.

She barely escaped with her life, the defected to Suoh, married Joe Sumeragi and gave birth to Kaito and Yuito. She died when Yuito was five years old, thought to have been killed in an Other attack, but the cause of her death seems to have actually been the work of Togetsu.

She is a kind and clever woman with a good motherly instinct, so while she of course cared for her son, Yuito, she never forgot about Kasane who she had to leave in Togetsu, and always worried about her.



Wakana wears a Togetsu black and white robe with black gloves and boots. She has red eyes and short pinkish hair.

You can see Wakana in Kasane's Red Strings dream, where she says "Dont take your hands off the Red Strings".

In Phase 10-11[]

Wakana was brought to the present timeline to helping her son, adoptive daughter and their Platoons to destroy the Kunad Gate. After unable to unravel the final entanglement (that was created by former Major-General Karen Travers), Wakana returned to her past to implant the Red Strings into her brain as well sustain damage and she was taken and killed by Togetsu Faith to acquire her brain.