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My clairvoyance can see you...
Tsugumi Nazar

Tsugumi Nazar (ツグミ・ナザール?) is a Companion in Scarlet Nexus. Her Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance comes in handy in a team setting but causes some issues in her social life.


An introverted and shy OSF member. She isn't good at communicating and her extreme nervousness when talking to people causes her to speak hesitantly. She is a quiet person, but she isn't timid, and will say what needs to be said harshly. She is also competitive. She retains her calm in battle, so she makes a fine soldier.

She spends a lot of time alone and doesn't have many friends, but when she does make one, she holds them dear. Kagero Donne, who she trained with, is one of the few friends she shows her true self to.

Her hobby is gardening.


Tsugumi developed her psionic power younger than usual. She began seeing things that she normally couldn't, which made people afraid of her. For her younger years, she was alienated. As a result of this, she is extremely shy and often stutters or apologizes for even the slightest things. Although shy, she is still extremely loyal to her friends and platoon members.


Tsugumi has short, dark purple hair and turquoise blue eyes. She opts to wear the Rin variant of the Blk Battle Attire which consists of a school-uniform styled shirt and skirt, adorned with a long blue jay cloak. On the leg part, she wears full leggings and black loafers. She also has a small holster for her Lily-Bell revolver. When she uses clairvoyance, her eyes turn a faded purple colour.

Fighting Style[]

Tsugumi tends to keep a medium range between enemies. When she engages in combat alone. she will often fire 1-3 shots before rolling to one side and firing the rest of her bullets. Upon firing the 6th bullet, she will run away to reload. If she is attacking with someone else, she will hang back and fire at the enemy, dealing a decent amount of damage.

SAS Ability[]

Clairvoyance & Read Attack
By borrowing the Clairvoyance power, you can detect invisible enemies and see-through poor visibility conditions such as fog. Additionally, perfect dodges are easier to execute, allowing you to trigger a powerful Read Attack by performing a weapon attack immediately after. Additional effects will be added as you strengthen your bond with Tsugumi.

Shell Break & Guardian Vision
While SAS is active, hitting with a Read Attack allows you to break shells with one hit.

Also, when you are attacked there is a chance for a Vision of Tsugumi to appear and block the attack, negating damage.

Psychokinesis Read Attack & Combo Vision
After a Perfect Dodge, use (Psychokinesis Prompt) to perform a Read Attack to damage the enemy and knock them prone.

Using (Combo Vision prompt) + (SAS Clairvoyance activation prompt) enables a Combo Vision in which Tsugumi attacks from a distance while retreating.

Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Assault Vision
Increase the recovery speed of the SAS Clairvoyance gauge.

Also, attack an unguarded enemy and Tsugumi will call out. Answer her with (Prompt 1 + Prompt 2) and she will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.

Prolong SAS Effect
SAS Clairvoyance effect time increases.

Increase Crush Effectiveness & Drop Rate
While the SAS is active, you can deplete enemies' crush gauges even more, and defeating an enemy will make it always drop an item.

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