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This page is intended to provide a clear and helpful guide to keep pages consistent across the whole Wiki. The aim is to provide the correct information - prioritising official media such as in-game references - with an expected and uniform page layout. While additional user-generated information is appreciated, too much of it makes the Wiki seem more like a blog. Please keep writing formal, clear and descriptive without being needlessly long. With that said, here is the general advice as well as page examples for what an "ideal" page looks like.

Additional Content[]

  • Keep pages concise and to the point, any long-form user generated content can be added with a sub-page. This includes things like walkthroughs, gallerys (if they are too big for the main page), extended trivia and so on. To create a subpage simple type the name of the page with a forward slash and then the name of the subpage like:
    • Karen Travers/Walkthrough
    • Karen Travers/Gallery
    • Karen Travers/Trivia

General Page Outline[]

  • All pages should be consistent in layout. Not all pages require the same information but many of them do and this should be laid out in this general order.
    • Brief opening sentence
    • In-Game Description
    • Main Body (this varies from say, appearances for characters, usage and acquisition for items, etc)
    • Trivia
    • Gallery
    • References

Infobox Standards[]

  • To provide consistent information, please fill out most if not fields in an infobox, even if some information doesn't seem particularly relevant or isn't applicable.
    • Always go with with the main source first (i.e. Karen Travers weapon is "None" in-game so write "None").
    • If there is no source, or the information isn't applicable use a hyphen "-" instead.



Please don't hesitate to message an admin or content moderator for assistance. Don't be afraid to leave your suggestions either, this is a community Wiki and both viewers and editors input is welcome (and required) so if there is something you wish to add to the official style guide again, feel free to get in contact.