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Rotunda Pagoda is a unqiue Other enemy in Scarlet Nexus. It can only be found in the Supernatural Life Research Facility in the Level 0 Experimental Division and features as this locations boss enemy.


An Other observed in a certain place apparently mimicking a machine. It is a highly specialized individual, and no others of its type have been recorded. It has strength far superior to normal Others. Even though there is a strong possibility that it can consume electricity for energy, it is believed to be so greedy that it continues to hunt prey anyway. It keeps a large amount of Others called Filler Pillers inside its body and uses them to hunt. When it finds prey, it equips the Filler Pillers with various equipment and sends them out while protecting itself with a shutter. It opens the shutter when all the Filler Pillers have been killed and begins searching for pray with radar, but protects itself again and releases a wave attack when it detects something. Its cunning and cautous habits increase its danger, and acording to data analysis, it would be incredibly difficult to defeat. There is a chance of victory if you can get close with invisibility or hypervelocity, but it certainly has uncommon abilities. (Redactions have been made after top secret information was indentified within this document.)


  • This enemy is only fought once during Kasane's Story in Phase 9.
  • An analysis of this Other is required to upgrade Shiden's final weapon.
    • If this analysis is sold or misued the only way to acquire another is to replay Kasane's Story in an EX New Game.