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Phantom Art Documents are a key component in unlocking all the artisan weapons after beating the main story.

What are Phantom Arts?[]

Phantom Arts are special items that can only be acquired from the post-game quests. To get the Phantom Arts, load your cleared data and find the corresponding quests.

Yuito's Story[]

Yuito's Story Instructions/steps Used to purchase Hints/tips
Phantom Art: Phoenix and Moth Complete Yuito's Story Route. See previous Otori


Just kill Karen, must I say more?
Phantom Art: Monkey Complete Important Mission Quest. While SAS pyrokinesis is active, defeat 4 Fuel Pool.

With Brain Field Super Armor, defeat 2 Buddy Rummy.



See below for Brain Field Super Armor
Phantom Art: Swallow Complete Verifying the Secret Quest. While SAS clairvoyance is active, defeat 2 Vine Yawn.

With Psychokinesis Finish, defeat 3 Missin Pound.



You can lower the Vine Yawn's health but make sure Clairvoyance is active before you kill it
Phantom Art: Turtle Complete No Interference! Quest. While SAS sclerokinesis is active, defeat 2 Auger Sabbat.

With Charge Attack, defeat 2 Booger Sabbat.



Charge attack is the Hold Special Attack button
Phantom Art: Elephant Complete For the Exhibition Quest. While SAS teleportation is active, defeat 3 Saliva Santa.

With Slam Attack, defeat 4 Marabou Pendu.



This mission is shared by both Yuito and Kasane's story.

Brain Field Super Armor[]

This step is confusing, and requires some precision. Here is the easiest way to do this step:

  1. Locate a group of Buddy Rummy (Recommended at least 4 - this gives you 2 attempts)
  2. Use a Brain Field Gear
  3. Switch your consumable to the SAS refuelling drink, but DO NOT USE IT
  4. activate SAS Invisibility THEN activate SAS Hypervelocity
  5. drain 2 Rummy's Crush Gauge, using the drink if Hypervelocity drops below 25%. DO NOT USE THE BRAIN CRUSH YET
  6. Activate the brain field.
  7. Use the brain crush on both Buddy Rummy. Try making sure both get killed at the same time.

Author's note:[]

I tried like all these different ways to do it, including:

  • opening the brain field for each individual rummy
  • draining the crush gauge in the brain field
  • crushing them 1 by 1 in the field
  • simply killing them
  • letting them hit me with the brain field immunity then crushing them
  • letting them hit me with the brain field immunity then killing them

Kasane's Story[]

Kasane Route Phantom Arts Instructions/steps Weapon and User hints/tips
Phantom Art: Phoenix and Moth Complete Kasane's Story Route, See previous Hitori


Just kill Karen or at least kick him until he gives up
Phantom Art: Catfish Complete For the Exhibition Quest. While SAS electrokinesis is active, defeat 3 Session Pound.

In mid-air, defeat 3 Rainy Rummy.



The Rummy doenst necessarily have to be in the air as well, you can just jump and attack.
Phantom Art: Horse Complete Enchanted by Weapons Quest. While SAS hypervelocity is active, defeat 2 Grin Yawn.

With a Perfect Dodge Attack, defeat 4 Vase Paws.



If you cant Perfect Dodge comfortably, use Clairvoyance to increase the dodge window
Phantom Art: Honey Bee Complete Want to Learn More Quest. While SAS duplication is active, defeat 2 Juttie Chinery.

With Psychokinesis Follow-Up Attack, defeat 2 Winery Chinery.



When the Winery Chinery gets low, remove everyone from your party, so your allies don't go ahead and kill it.
Phantom Art: Lizard Complete Help with a Report Quest. While SAS invisibility is active, defeat 3 Base Paws.

With Brain Crush, defeat 3 Saws Paws.



This one's relatively easy. Using invisibility to deplete the crush gauge is recommended

How to purchase the Phantom weapons[]

You must have the previous weapon (Likely the Type 6 weapon) to purchase the Phantom Weapon and an analysis of a particular other.


User Base Weapon Other Analysis
Yuito Yasutsuna Dojigiri (Revised) Buddy Rummy Analysis
Hanabi Prometheus Torch Type 6 Gunkin Fisher Analysis
Gemma Gauntlets - Peerless Adam. T6+ Coil Moil Analysis
Tsugumi Lily Bell M20-6 C Naomi Randall Analysis
Luka Weight Hammer v6 Coat Mote Analysis
Kasane Improved Dancer's Fan Rainy Rummy Analysis
Kagero Invisible Dancer v6+ Gunkin Fisher Analysis
Arashi Innocent Rabbit Hug 6+ Brawn Yawn Analysis
Kyoka Pronghorn 286+ Dispen Fisher Analysis
Shiden Special Baton Type R6+ Rotunda Pagoda Analysis