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Path to the Future and Freedom is the final main story chapter for both Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall in Scarlet Nexus.


Kaito comes to the meeting and reveals that he wanted to crush Togetsu to avenge their mother, Wakana. In the end, it was Kasane and Yuito who made that dream come true. Kaito sends Kasane's group to the Sumeragi Tomb, and they head inside.

As Kasane and her team reach the lowest floor of the Sumeragi Tomb, a mysterious space is revealed. They see the bygone days of Fubuki, Karen, and Alice. Karen continuously travelled back in time to try and save Alice from being metamorphosed due to an accident but fails repeatedly.

Kasane's group reaches the deepest part of the Sumeragi Tomb. There they witness the Karen, who took Yakumo's place 2,000 years ago and the present day Karen, who failed at time travel, fuse into one. Karen attempts to copy Kasane and Yuito's Red Strings ability to travel through time again but is stopped by Yuito and Kasane after a fierce battle. Karen listens to their pleas and guides Kasane and Yuito to work with their friends to use Arahabaki to draw the Extinction Belt into the Kunad Gate. Their next goal is to destroy the Kunad Gate. Kasane, Yuito, and Karen head to the Chronos Terminal. Karen promises that he will help them achieve their goals. He disappears with one last jump through time to try and save Alice. Simultaneously, the entire world is enveloped in red strings, and the Kunad Gate disppaears.

That concludes the record I have for Kasane Randall. Her story will continue. Or perhaps I should say, this is where it truly begins. I shall reluctantly put my pen down here as we come to this break. I eagerly await the time for our story to resume. [Archivist: Satori]