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Let me be your big sister this one last time.
Naomi Randall

Naomi Randall is a character in Scarlet Nexus and the adoptive sister of Kasane Randall.


The oldest daughter of the wealthy Randall family, operators of the huge military contracting company, Randall Industries. She was doted on by her parents and raised without a want in the world. She's not at all selfish, however, and grew into a a girl who treats everyone equally with a pure kindness and strong sense of justice.

Kasane was adopted by the Randalls when she was young, but never felt like part of the family and was treated coolly by her parents. However, Naomi loved her enough to make up for that, and treats her like a beloved younger sister.

She is a refined, pretty girl, so she's popular with boys, but her slightly shy and quiet personality mean that she has yet to find a boyfriend.

Details unknown. The following information is a data fragment and yet unconfirmed. It may be a new type of Other. Data suggests that Other's name is Naomi Randall, but because this name belongs to an active OSF member, it is assumed this is some kind of data error. Although it did not show aggressive behavior at first, there is evidence that its behavior changed during battle. Clairvoyance is effective. Perform some kind of optic hindrance? Orders to destroy data have been confirmed. Will delete data immediately.


Naomi has blue eyes and blond hair. She has a handmade hairclip with the same appearance as the one she gave Kasane when they were younger. Naomi's battle attire is unnamed.

Other form[]

Warning: Spoilers

Naomi was shot by a rogue Suoh NDF Sniper during the mission to Suoh Line 9 (The Abandoned Subway) with a bullet that contained Other Particles. This turned Naomi into an Other of an unidentified type, hence why the Other kept the name Naomi Randall. Use of the Brain Drug allows Naomi to communicate with people


In Phase 9, after defeating Yuta and Kodama, a number of Togetsu Design Children will attack the group. Naomi and a number of human-origin Others - approximately 8 - agreed to fight to protect Kasane Platoon, among those was Alice Ichijo. Unfortunately, every Other was killed, including Naomi.

Due to the fact that Naomi was an Other at this time, she was fatally injured, but did not feel any pain, even though she was completely paralysed. A shadow of Naomi appears to say some painfully sad last words to Kasane, expressing her relief that Kasane was alright. In a broken mirror, the player will be able to see Naomi's body, but her face is hidden because of the broken mirror. Her hairclip is slightly visible in her shadow.

During her final moments, Naomi begins glowing and the shadow begins fading and breaking up. After saying "Live a long life... for both of us..." to Kasane, she vanished into the red Sakura-like petals that Others turn into when killed, leaving Kasane heartbroken.