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We're OSF, so we fight Others. Let’s do our best at the job we’ve been given for now. [1]
Nagi Karman

Nagi Karman was a character in Scarlet Nexus. He was Yuito's best friend and tends to talk a lot, but is very kind and supportive person. When he was brainwashed, he became the secondary antagonist in Yuito's story.


A very good-natured boy who is easilly elated and always the life of the party. He's known Yuito since they met at the training academy, and they overcame the intense training together with the strong desire to join the OSF. He knows who Yuito's family is, but doesn't treat him any differently, and is now his best friend.

He is a fanboy who likes the star quality of the OSF, but has a serious, working class background. He gets exasperated by how serious Yuito is, but has a soft spot for him, so they're always together.



Nagi has brown hair with brown eyes, He wears a belt Around his clothes with. He wears a black pants with black and gray boots.


Nagi is a very optimistic OSF member. He has been one of Yuito's best friends and has been with Yuito since they started in the OSF. Unfortunately, being a witness to Naomi's metamorphosis, he was taken to the Old OSF Hospital for personality rehabilitation.

In-Battle Quotes[]

Action English Romaji Japanese
Throwing chakram I'll carve you up! Kizande yaru! 刻んでやる!
Throwing chakram Right there! Sora yo! そらよ!
Throwing chakram Take that! Sora! そら!
Throwing three successive volleys of chakram There, you, are! Hora, dou da, dou da! (Hey look, how's this!) ほら、どうだ、どうだ!
Preparing Ramming Attack That hurts, dammit! Itee... itee yo... kuso! いてえ…いてえよ…くそ!
Ramming Attack hits You! I'll kill you! Omae ga... Omae ga shineba! お前が…お前が死ねば!
Throwing chakram at Suoh Why!? Nan de!? なんで!?
Throwing chakram at Suoh Stop this! Yamero! やめろ!
Throwing chakram at Suoh Shut up! Damare yo! 黙れよ!
Tornado Fist Ground Slam How's this! Dou da! どうだ!
Tornado Fist Ground Slam Let's go! Iku ze! いくぜ!
Tornado Fist Ground Slam I'll crush you! Buttsuburero! ぶっ潰れろ!
Taunt Hey now, Yuito. Is that all? Oi oi oi, Yuito. Kono teido ka yo? おいおいおい、ユイト。この程度かよ?
Taunt Let's play nice, best friend! Nakayoku shiyou ze! Shiyou! (Let's play nice! Let's do it!) 仲良くしようぜ! しよう!
Smokescreen Chakram Attack I'll shred you! Guchagucha ni shite yaru ze! (I'll mess you up!) ぐちゃぐちゃにしてやるぜ!
Smokescreen Chakram Attack I won't let you get away! Nigasanee kara na! 逃さねえからな!
Smokescreen Chakram Attack Let's get this over with! Matomete yatte yaru! まとめてやってやる!
Stunned out of Smokescreen Attack Beat it! Ochiro shiyagatte! 落ちろしやがって!
Stunned out of Smokescreen Attack You're annoying! Uzai n da yo! うざいんだよ!
Stunned out of Smokescreen Attack Bastard! Kuso ga! (Dammit!) くそが!
Stunned out of Smokescreen Attack Get lost! Iratsu ka na! (You're irritating!) いらつかな!
Giant Tornado Get lost! Keshitobe yo! 消し飛べよ!
Giant Tornado at Suoh No no no! Chi, chigau! ち、違う!
Giant Tornado at Suoh It's too late! Mo murina n da! も無理なんだ!
Giant Tornado at Suoh Just die! Shinde kure! 死んでくれ!
Heavily damaged at Old OSF Hospital Dammit, this isn't over yet! Chikushou! Mada da ze! 畜生! まだだぜ!
Stunned Dammit! Chikushou! 畜生!
Stunned Dammit! Kuso! くそ!
Stunned That hurts! Iteejan ka! いてえじゃんか!
Phase 9 - resisting AGH- It hurts...