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I may not look like it, but I have been on many OSF missions.[1]
Luka Travers

Luka Travers (ルカ・トラヴァース?) is a Companion in Scarlet Nexus. As a Septentrion he is considered one of the most powerful members of the OSF, despite his small frame.


A kind, beautiful boy who is frequently mistaken for a girl. Betraying that appearance, however, he is a Septentrion Sixth Class, who uses his brilliant mind for sharp analysis and whose calm, adult personality makes him trustworthy.

Everyone in the OSF knows that he is the younger brother of Septentrion First Class, Karen Travers. He respects his capable brother, but secretly worries about him because he is easily misunderstood.

The anti-aging drugs have given him a slight frame, but he loves a body of powerful and beautiful muscle, so he can't do without his weight lifting and protein in his quest to achieve such an aesthetic.




Luka has short dark green hair and dark green coloured eyes with red pupils. He opts to wear the Ken variant of the Military Uniform which consists of a shirt, button-up vest, shorts and white tie, in addition to a jacket with a raised collar and boots.

SAS Ability[]

During SAS, you can teleport as well as attacking an enemy you teleport to as long as you are in range.

Mid-air Teleportation & Guardian Vision
During SAS, you can mid-air teleport and use the attack button to teleport you next to an enemy in range and attack.

Also, when you are attacked, there is a chance for a Vision of Luka to appear and block the attack, negating the damage.

Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Combo V
Increases the recovery speed of SAS: Teleportation gauge.

Using the corresponding buttons enables a Combo Vision in which Luka appears, launches, and attacks continuously.

Assault Vision
Attack an unguarded enemy and Luka will call out. Answer him by pressing the corresponding buttons and he will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.

Prolong SAS Effect
SAS: Teleportation effect time increases.

Charge Teleportation Attack
During SAS, you can use a Charge Teleportation Attack. Hold the corresponding button to charge, then release to teleport to an enemy in range to deal damage in a large area.

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