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Kyoka Eden

Kyoka Eden is a character and companion in Scarlet Nexus. She has a loveable and kind persona and yet still a fierce opponent on the battlefield. She is committed to her friends and comrades despite her dark past and is an expert user of her psionic power, Duplication.png Duplication.


A woman widely known as the OSF Major with both beauty and intelligence. She has many fans in and out of the OSF, but it seems she doesn't care much for her own appearance. She is very good at looking after others and is frequently placed in important posts overseeing platoons.

She treats her friends like family, and feels strong motherly instincts to them and her subordinates, even to the point of being nosy. There are rumours, however, that her way of caring for others is a little odd.

She loves jinxes, good luck charms, and fortune telling, so she has to try out anything new that she discovers.


Kyoka is widely known as the OSF Major, the perfect amalgamation of brains and beauty. She is great at looking after her units and frequently oversees platoons as a result. She treats her team as family and is usually a kind and loving person who transforms when danger comes knocking. She and Arashi joined the OSF the same year and have remained good friends throughout.


Kyoka stands at an average height and has long, light purple hair and red eyes. She opts to wear the Miyabi variant of the Blk Battle Attire which accentuates her large bust, her outfit also consists of a black hooded jacket, thigh-high leg coverings and shoes. She also has distinct lilac coloured earrings in the design of a flower petal.

SAS Ability[]

Duplication Level 1.gif
While the SAS is active, one copy of a psychokinesis object is made. It is also easier to break shells with psychokinesis objects during the effect.

Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Guardian Vision
Increases the recovery speed of the SAS Duplication gauge.

When you are attacked, there is a chance for a Vision of Kyoka to appear and block the attack, negating damage.

Duplication & Combo Vision
While SAS is active, you create duplicates of yourself that attack with you.

Using [.Ctrl] + [F1] [F2] [F3] [F4] enables a Combo Vision in which Kyoka attacks from afar with duplicates.

Assault Vision
Attack an unguarded enemy and Kyoka will call out. Answer her with [V] and she will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.

Prolong SAS Effect & Extra Duplication
SAS Duplication effect time increases.

While the SAS is active, create one more duplicate of yourself.

Enhance Duplication
While the SAS is active, one more copy of a psychokinesis object is created.

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