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Kodama Melone

Kodama Melone is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside her twin sister) of Scarlet Nexus in Kasane's story, specialising in sound-based combat (Sonokinesis).


An energetic and eccentric platoon commander who likes to stand out. She behaves very roguishly, but is a shrewd person who also serves as an aide to First Regiment Commander, Fubuki Spring. She steadfastly follows orders and will carry out even cruel actions with glee.

She used to be Shiden Ritter's commander, but Kodama's mood swings and unreasonable handling of situations disgusted Shiden, leading him to request a transfer to Kyoka Platoon where he was subsequently stationed. Transfers aren't uncommon in the OSF, but Kodama is unhappy with Shiden for leaving of his own volition and holds a grudge against him.

Battle Record [Classified/Disclosure Prohibited]

A battle occurred in the abandoned underground Suoh 9 Line. The subject fights using sonokinesis. specialising in long range attacks mostly using soundwaves.

It has been confirmed that she utilises some kind of mine to track the sounds of her targets and attack. If in contact long enough, the target's semicircular ear canal may be heavily affected, rendering the target unable to control their actions for a time.

After the battle, she retreated on direct orders from Major General Fubuki.





Kodama hold a heavy resemblance to her elder twin. She has grey eyes and black hair with purple highlights. Her outfit consists of a black coat with a red fur hood.