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Kasane Randall

Kasane Randall (カサネ・ランドール?) is the main female protagonist in Scarlet Nexus and deuteragonist of the anime adaption. She is an elite soldier with superb fighting skills and rare Psionic powers. She quickly rises in the ranks after unforeseen events and becomes the leader of Kasane Platoon.


Kasane Randall is a cool and pragmatic girl who acts indifferently to others but has unparalleled sense of battle. She joined the Other Suppression Force after being scouted. She graduated OSF training at the top of her class.

Kasane lost her parents to an Other attack when she was younger. Subsequently, she was adopted by the Randall family. The Randall family operates the military contractor, Randall Industries. Her adoptive parents have never treated her like a real daughter and disciplined her harshly. Kasane has a deep emotional attachment to her adopted sister Naomi. She was the only one who showed her any kindness to Kasane grow.

The hairclip she wears was given to her as a matching pair by Naomi when they were young. This is the "proof" that they were sisters and is Kasane's most treasured possession.


She lost her parents in an Other attack as a child and was adopted by the Randall’s, a family running a huge military corporation. While her relationship with her adoptive parents is complicated, her adoptive sister Naomi is the only person showing her affection, leading to a strong bond and deep love between them. The hand-made hair ornament that Naomi gifted her is Kasane’s most prized possession. Kasane was scouted into the OSF at age 12 due to her above average psionic capability. She is frequently having strange dreams about "red strings". The meaning of those dreams is still a mystery to this day.


Kasane has long, grey hair with red eyes and matching flower hair ornament Naomi made for her. She opts to wear the Shinobi variant of the black military uniform, Dawn White Battle Attire and a number of other outfits. Shinobi consists of a shoulder less shirt with sleeves and grey leggings - based on Naomi's suggestion. She has a hood which she uses when Brain Drive is activated.


Kasane is a cool, confident yet very closed person to those she doesn't know all that well, remaining indifferent and often unaware of social cues. The only person that Kasane has actually spoken freely to is Naomi. Kasane's prickly and hostile personality is likely a result of the extreme emotional trauma she suffered at a young age in Togetsu.

As a teenager, Kasane did not get along very well with her adoptive parents, which is proven when they disown her after Naomi's metamorphosis, since she was reported K.I.A. Since Kasane loved Naomi, she was left heartbroken after Naomi's actual death.

Kasane is actually a very caring person, but only a few people ever actually see her caring side. She does show numerous glimpses of it however.

SAS Ability[]

Enhance Psychokinesis & Psychokinesis Field
While the SAS is active, Psychokinesis Attacks won't consume the psychokinesis gauge. You will also be able to control all surrounding objects and use the psychokinesis field to attack with all of them with [Y].

Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Guardian Vision
Increases the recovery speed of the SAS Psychokinesis gauge.

When you are attacked, there is a chance for a Vision of Kasane to appear and block the attack, negating damage.

Combo Vision
Using [.Ctrl] + [F1] [F2] [F3] [F4] enables a Combo Vision in which Kasane blasts away surrounding enemies.

Assault Vision
Attack an unguarded enemy and Kasane will call out. Answer her with [V] and she will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.

Prolong SAS Effect
SAS Psychokinesis effect time increases.

Enhance Psychokinesis Field
While active, the Psychokinesis field is enhanced, allowing you to control objects in a larger area.

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  • The symbol for Kasane's psychokinesis ability is the Kanji character , which means 'thought'.
  • Kasane only carries 3 Arrowroot Leaf knives which split into 6 during combat.