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You will help me, even if I must break you to obtain your aid!
Karen Travers

Karen Travers is the main antagonist in Scarlet Nexus from both the game and anime adaption, possessing one of the rarest and most powerful psionic abilities known as class SS Brain Eater. He used to be a Septentrion First Class making him the best in the entire force until his betrayal towards the OSF. He is the older brother of Luka Travers. There is a walkthrough available for this article.


Second Regiment Commander of the Other Suppression Force and Septentrion First Class. He is fully recognized as being the best in the force. His combat prowess far surpasses even all the great members in the OSF. He is taciturn but confident, and because he never tries to mince words to get people to like him, there are some that call him pompous. However, Karen's overwhelming charisma and strength are hard to resist, so there are many members that look up to him. There are a few people he calls friends. The only people who can be called close to him are his childhood friend Fubuki Spring and his younger brother Luka Travers.

Battle Record [Classified/Disclosure Prohibited]

Subject is the weilder of the "Brain Eater" power that allows him to copy other powers from his target.

Using more than one power at once is extremely uncommon. If you use Invisibility, he will spot you with Clairvoyance. If you try to attack him, he will counter with Sclerokinesis. His effectiveness with other powers is not elementary, but advanced to the highest level, making him a serious threat in battle.

His physical capabilities are also very advanced. He uses physical prowess in tandem with his powers to pressure his opponent heavily as he fights.

Only the subject could possibly know how many powers he's copied, so the only way to protect yourself is to know about as many powers as you can and take ad hoc measures against the current strategy he is using.

His true power shines when he is inside the Brain Field. Whether it be his constant barrage of attacks, their strength and speed, their lack of vulnerability, he is clearly a superior fighter on every level. The only time he seems to drop his guard is when his brain field limit is reached and he cannot ignore the burden placed on him by it.

His Septentrion 1st Class ability is well documented. Facing him requires the utmost resolution.




Karen and his brother Luka being experimented on, as shown in the anime.

Despite Karen Travers's vast powers making him the strongest psionic in the OSF, he originally came from humble beginnings along with his brother Luka Travers. Both brothers were born as "duds", without any psionic powers of their own. They gained their powers through being experimented on repeatedly by Suoh scientists and soldiers who were seeking more knowledge about psionic power. Psionic powers eventually manifested in Karen and Luka, and they were recruited to the OSF shortly afterward. As an OSF soldier, Karen became recognized for his psionic abilities and immense powers but was firm about not obeying orders that he disagreed with. As a result, he was written-up by superior officers a total of 50 times.

During his childhood and teens, Karen became acquainted with Fubuki Spring and Alice Ichijo and all three became best friends, serving in the OSF together. Karen secretly harbored feelings for Alice, but Fubuki and Alice then got engaged to marry and planned to retire together when reaching the age of 20.

Unfortunately, during a fateful mission involving all three of them, they got too close to an area where the Extinction Belt was near the ground and Alice got transformed into an Other, although not before shoving Karen out of the way to save him. Karen was extremely hit hard by Alice's predicament, and dedicated himself to finding a way to reverse her transformation. Karen would ultimately decide that traveling back in time to prevent Alice from being turned into an Other would be the most efficient way.

To this end, Karen decided to acquire the most knowledge he could. He traveled back in time 2000 years and murdered Yakumo Sumeragi and then took his place in the Sumeragi Tomb, with different iterations of himself coming many times to reclaim the gathered knowledge and use it to save Alice, although unsuccessfully.

Eventually, Karen discovered that the New Himukan government was conducting experiments that turned human beings into Others in order to further study them, as well as engaging in extensive and intrusive surveillance of its citizens and using personality rehabilitation against anybody who they believed would be a threat to their plans, including on OSF soldiers. Karen was disgusted by this, especially by their metamorphosing humans into Others as it reminded him what happened to Alice. Karen decided to launch a coup d'etat against the government with his new base being in Seiran, and he was successful at getitng half of the Suoh OSF to join him in the rebellion.

Karen Travers is one of 2 Major Generals and a Septentrion First Class. He has served in many battles. However, Karen does not appreciate when people disobey him, even though he is disobedient himself (Karen has been "Written Up" over 50 times). Although he is one of the antagonists, he was trying to find a way to revert history so that his childhood friend, Alice Ichijo, was never turned into an Other.


Karen has green eyes and grey hair (originally green in the past). He opts to wear the (insert blk battle attire variant) which consists of an armoured black overcoat with cauldrons and gauntlets.

In the final battle, Karen will put on a demon-like Men-yoroi mask, reminiscent of those worn by Japanese samurai warriors of old. In the third phase of the final battle, Karen's outfit will be ripped and damaged and he will have red veins all over his body.


Action English Romaji Japanese
Pre-battle (Kunad Highway) I'll take you on. Aite wo shite yarou. 相手をしてやろう。
Pre-battle (Arahabaki) Don't waste my time. Tema wo kake saseru na! 手間をかけさせるな!
Pre-battle (Sumeragi Tomb) I won't let you get in the way! Jama wa sasen! 邪魔はさせん!
Entering Brain Field Squirm! Agaite misero! あがいて見せろ!
Give up hope! Nozomi wo sutero! 望みを捨てろ!
I'll show you a nightmare! Akumu wo misete yaru! 悪夢を見せてやる!
Teleporting Fool! Nurumame. ぬるまめ。
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