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Hidden Codes is a tutorial in Scarlet Nexus. It can be acquired at any time after Phase 2 by going to Musubi's and talking to Musubi. It explains the cross-promotion quest which involves finding hidden codes within the Anime and inputting them into the game for exclusive rewards[1].


A code to fulfil Mimi's request is hidden in each episode of the SCARLET NEXUS TV show.

By watching the show to find and decipher the codes, you can get the passwords (text) for the top secret files Mimi left behind. You have to give the passwords to Musubi in the game.

*Check the SCARLET NEXUS official homepage for details on where and when to watch the TV show.


Password Episode Date Reward
CODE - - 1000 Kin.png
Such a liar Scarlet Psionics June 19th/July 1st 2021 Poster Vision (Yuito)
tell the truth Scarlet Guardian June 25th/July 8th 2021 Poster Vision (Hanabi)
5150 Conspiracy July 15th 2021 Poster Vision (Gemma)
2009 Red Strings July 22nd 2021 OSF Armband Vision (Septentrion)
NEVER FORGET Karen's Revolt July 29th 2021 Poster Vision (Luka)
Which? A Doomed Tomorrow August 5th 2021 Poster Vision (Kasane)
Hero The Hunt for Nagi August 12th 2021 Poster Vision (Tsugumi)
October 4th The Hospital's Secrets August 19th 2021 Poster Vision (Arashi)
Lokusho A Dubious Wonder Drug August 26th 2021 Contraband Vision
hospital The Rebel Yuito September 2nd 2021 Poster Vision (Shiden)
government dogs Togetsu September 9th 2021 Poster Vision (Kyoka)
Judge The Moon's Secrets September 16th 2021 Poster Vision (Kagero)
SAVE ME The Design Children September 23rd 2021 Poster Vision (Group)