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Don't worry. My power is specialised for defence.
Gemma Garrison

Gemma Garrison is a character and companion in Scarlet Nexus.


An experienced OSF member who is quiet and calm. His slightly aged look stands out in the OSF, which is composed of members called "children of the state" whose growth is stopped in their teens by anti-aging drugs. He has began aging and his retirement is near, which accounts for his current appearance, but this means he is quite the veteran and an expert in combat.

He is serious to the point of being awkward, and no one has ever heard him tell a joke. He is proud of his work with the OSF and continues to work stoically to improve himself, but has never been interested in the ways of the world, or mundane affairs like romance.



Gemma is a somewhat older member of the OSF who has served for many years. He had a friend in the OSF who was older than he, and soon that friend was forced to retire. Gemma kept in contact with him, noting his friend had trouble finding meaning in his life beyond his service in the OSF, and Gemma could not inspire him to change his ways. Eventually, Gemma decided the contact with him caused him to keep remembering the OSF, and stopped messaging his friend for years in the hopes his absence would make his friend find new fulfillment.


Gemma has short brown hair and hazel eyes. He opts to wear the Yu variant of the black military uniform, consisting of an asymmetrical plated chassis, pauldrons and gauntlet on the left arm. It also has a raised neck guard, leather trousers and shoes.

SAS Ability[]

Sclerokinesis: Makes the player completely immune to damage for a short period of time. Any hits taken will lower the amount of time active.