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Dominus Circus is a uniquely rare Other enemy in Scarlet Nexus with multiple forms and abilities.


An extraordinarily dangerous Other that has avoided any attempt by the OSF to exterminate it. It suddenly disappeared after encountering Karen Travers and hasn't been observed since, but considering its strength, it is unlikely that it perished without anyone knowing. We will list a few accounts of encounters with what is believed to be this Other that resulted in narrow escapes.

Account 1: An Other carrying a giant shield in its right arm. Protects itself with the shield and attacks by spraying water. The right side tends to be unprotected when it creates a wall of water, but the wall could not be penetrated. Account 2: An Other carrying a giant sword in its left hand. Even the shockwave from a swing of the sword is dangerous. Could get in close and aim for vulnerable left arm if able to endure blows or dodge them. Attempt abandoned. Account 3: An Other wearing a helmet on its head. The thrust and gas from its nose are threats. It's possible that the head is unguarded when it puts up a smoke screen or sprays oil, etc.

These are all thought to be the same Other, meaning it can change forms. There are also unconfirmed reports of an ultimate form with all the listed characteristics, but that would make for a nightmare of a fight for even the strongest soldier.

Appearance & Tactics[]

First Time (All Ranges, Water Element)[]

The Dominus Circus will have a "n" shaped arch on its head. It will have 3 useless arms and one large shield arm. It will perform a number of water attacks. If you get too close, it will perform a ramming attack. When it's down to half (1/2) hp. It'll start doing a Water Column attack. Use SAS Teleportation to get in the column and hit it. It'll flop over, giving you about 5 seconds to deal as much damage as possible.


Try spamming SAS Psychokinesis or SAS Duplication. Also consider using SAS Hypervelocity and Invisibility. Be aware of timing; anything that hits the shield will do nothing.

Second Time (Short Range, Confusion Element)[]

Upon defeating the Water Dominus Circus, it will re-appear as the base form. This will start spinning before it flips, revealing the second form. This form has an elephant's head, which is its only means of combat. It will spray you with confusion spores when you are in range, otherwise, it will pointlessly chase you.


You can either use SAS Hypervelocity or Psychokinesis. It'll just take a while. Hope you've got some SAS Refueling Drinks.

Third Time (All Ranges, No element)[]

Tired yet? A third Dominus Circus will appear. It looks similar to the first, except it will have a "Sword" arm. This "Sword" can perform short range slashing attacks and long range projectile attacks. The sword arm is most vulnerable after most attacks.

Try using SAS to stay behind it. If it spots you, SAS Hypervelocity or Sclerokinesis to get away.

Fourth Time (All Ranges, LIVING HELL element)[]

Were the other 3 enough for you? I'm sorry, that's not how Scarlet Nexus works. This Dominus Circus will be a morph of ALL 3 VARIANTS. It's living hell to fight, but the best trick would be to use a Brain Field.

Got Brain Field Gear? Sweet. Use those. After all, you've got 8 allies, so that's 8 possible extensions. That gives you over a MINUTE of overpowered-ness. If you run out? Hope you got it down to half (1/2) hp. It'll start doing the Water Column. Use SAS Teleportation to get in the column and hit it. It'll flop over, and you know what to do.

Payment of Kins and EXP time![]

The base re-appears and then falls pointlessly into the abyss. Dev jump-scare, I assure you.

Congratulations! You received a bunch of money and some EXP and Dominus Circus Analysis. Now you can move into the 8th section of the Sumeragi Tomb brain field.


This enemy is the final Other boss (aside from Karen Travers' Other morph) and has 3 unique forms, each with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Once defeated, they all merge together for a final stand. It is encountered in the 7. Memories of Impasse sub-section of the Sumeragi Tomb brain field.


  • This is the only sighting of an Other with multiple forms.