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Dispen Fisher is a rare and powerful Other enemy in Scarlet Nexus encountered by Kasane Platoon in the Worship Hall of Arahabki Secure Site.


A Fisher that stores water in water tank-like organs. There are other fish living in the tanks, but these are part of its body, not independant organisms. Despite it's giant size, it can stick itself to ceilings. It has a cautious nature, so it prefers to observe prey from a high vantage point before spraying water and pouncing. The water tanks are weak points and can be broken by making it fall from the ceiling, but it sometimes releases the Other fish from the broken tanks to attack. These Other fish disappear after a short time, but be careful since they can track prey.


The Dispen Fisher is a large, hulking creature that walks 4 arms. It's prominent features include a giant water tank surrounded by spikes and yellow roses on its back, as well as water hoses protruding from its head. It also has an additional 2 small hands that it uses to control these pipes with.