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Being able to selfishly slack off whenever I want is something a grownup gets to do.[1]
Arashi Spring

Arashi Spring is a character and companion in Scarlet Nexus. She is a talented and skilled member of the OSF utilising her Hypervelocity.png Hypervelocity... despite constantly slacking off from work.


The lovely girl who works in PR as the face of the OSF and whose passion for her work and sunny personality have earned her fans of all ages... is just the just the face she shows to common citizens. She's only polite in front of the cameras, and the fact that she is passionate about slacking off from work is kept a secret by the OSF. Therefore, she isn't held in high regard by her superiors, but she's extremely effective in battle when she gets serious. She is also a genius engineer.

She is the older sister of Fubuki Spring and has even greater potential than him, even being rumoured to be Septentrion level. Her calm and brilliant mind make her extremely dependable... if she feels like it.


Arashi is featured in many ads seen in Suoh. She has become "the Face of the OSF" and can be a bit of a show off when she's in public. However, this is obviously different when she's not surrounded by "Crows". She is rather lazy and would much rather slack off than do something helpful. This also got her the nickname "Lazy Ara" in the OSF.


Arashi has red eyes and long salmon pink hair. She has adopted the Chie variant of the black military uniform which consists of a sleeveless red jacket and hood, boots and her signature red earmuffs. She received that outfit as a gift from a media company when she featured in one of their ads.

SAS Ability[]

While SAS is active, you can move with hypervelocity and time seems slow around you. The effect is broken if you are damaged.

Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Guardian Vision
Increases the recovery speed of the SAS Hypervelocity gauge.

When you are attacked, there is a chance for a Vision of Arashi to appear and block the attack, negating damage.

Combo Vision
Using [.Ctrl] + [F1] [F2] [F3] [F4] enables a Combo Vision in which Arashi continuously attacks while pressing forward.

Assault Vision
Attack an unguarded enemy and Arashi will call out. Answer her with [V] and she will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.

Prolong SAS Effect
SAS Hypervelocity effect time increases.

Psychokinesis Re-Acceleration
While the SAS is active, the hypervelocity gauge charges a little bit every time a psychokinesis follow-up attack hits.

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