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I don't know him, do I ?
Alice Ichijo

Alice Ichijo is a character in Scarlet Nexus.


The daughter of the former director of Ichijo OSF Hospital. Hanabi Ichijo's aunt. She was a close childhood friend of Fubuki Spring and Karen Travers, and they were always together when they were young.

She was scouted into the OSF one semester after Karen and Fubuki. She was engaged to Fubuki and they had promised to retire and marry when they turned 20 years old, but she was killed in the line of duty before that could happen.

She was a cheerful, competitive and intelligent women. Apparently her appearance resembled Hanabi.


Alice wears a modified version of the Female Standard OSF Uniform, which consists of a red battle dress and black jacket. She has yellowish hair with purple eyes.